Recommended Preps

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This page will undergo frequent revision as we find better products to recommend or other products to add. Please check back frequently for the most up-to-date recommendations. Also remember - while products are nice to have, skills are essential!

Preparedness Supplies


Freeze Dried & Dehydrated Foods


WaterBOB Bathtub Storage - Designed for emergencies, this water bladder can be put into your tub when needed and filled. It holds up to 100 gallons, is BPA free, and comes with a hand pump to make water retrieval easy.

Long Term Storage Containers

Water Filtration and Purification


Mr. Buddy Indoor Heater - 18,000 BTU

Mr. Buddy Indoor Heater - 4,000 to 9,000 BTU

Vesta Heater/Stove


Vesta Heater/Stove

Camp Stove


MPOWERED Luci Inflatable Solar Lights - Luci lights are rechargeable inflatable solar lanterns. They store flat but can be easily inflated when needed. We bought our first Luci lights over eight years ago and they are still going strong. Since then, they have broadened the options available and now offer different models with features such as a USB charger and colored lighting.

Beeswax Taper Candles - Candles are always a good lighting option. They provide a soft, warm light and help create a comforting atmosphere. Tapers are one of my favorite candles for prepping because they offer a lot of light for their size. I prefer beeswax because they are all natural and emit a soft, sweet fragrance without the use of harmful artificial ingredients.

Chamberstick Candle Holder - If you use taper candles, it is nice to have a candle holder. These chambersticks are the old style short holder with a finger loop for easy carrying. They have a nice wide base for stability and are a great combination of elegance and functionality.

Oil Lamps

Gardening Supplies


When choosing seeds for your garden, especially if you are choosing seeds with survival in mind, it is important to choose non-GMO, non-hybrid, open-pollenated, heirloom seeds so that they can produce seed for you to use the following year. Having them packaged in mylar or a sealed can for long-term storage is essential. Here are some great seed options.

Mountain Valley Seed Company Vegetable Garden Can  - This was the first "survival seed can" we purchased. We stuck it in the freezer for several years before opening it to use. Our can has been open for four years and the seeds are still sprouting and growing well. While it only contains 16 varieties, they were selected for their hardiness and ability to grow in many regions, including those with a short growing season. We couldn't be more pleased with these seeds. For hardy varieties that fare well, this option can't be beat.

B&KM Farms Jumbo Variety Pack - With 50 varieties and a generous portion of each variety, this is a great option for immediate planting or for emergency/prepper supplies. If you are ever in a situation when you have to plant these to supplement your family's food supply, you will likely be grateful for the variety of plants this pack will add to your diet.

Open Seed Vault 32 Variety Pack  - This is a good in-between package. It has more varieties than the Mountain Valley without having as many as the BK&M package. 

Garden Beds and Accessories

Metal Raised Beds - 3x6x1 (2 pack) 

Metal Raised Bed - 8x4x2

Plant Stakes 

Canning Supplies

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