Prepped Living

Aiming for a healthier and more self-sufficient lifestyle

Harvest What You Have

"Harvest what you have" has been my motto for a number of years.  We have preserved our harvest for many years primarily by canning, freezing, and drying but the way in which we have obtained the meat and produce for this has varied widely.  We have harvested from our own gardens, big and small. We have made purchases at farmer's markets, orchards, and butcher shops. We have helped friends harvest their gardens or orchards and have been paid with a share of the produce. We have been gifted produce from the overabundance of a friend's garden. We have traded work, jam, and other various items with friends for produce. We have harvested wild game in years we had hunting tags. We have also foraged for things like serviceberry, elderberry, and huckleberry. Some years we harvested from our own well-producing gardens.  Some years we harvested the dandelions and lilacs in our spray-free yard. I hope this page encourages you to seek creative ways to find produce (or meat) to fill your larder.

The purpose of this website is to be a source of ideas for those who have the inclination to begin incorporating (gradually or quickly) more self-sufficiency and preparedness into their lifestyle in a healthy way, whether on a large piece of land, a small lot, or in an apartment. We do not own a farm, we are by no means self-sufficient, and we do not eat healthy 100% of the time.  We do appreciate learning as we go and moving in the direction of self-sufficiency and healthy living as both our time and resources allow.