2023 Christmas Gift Guide

The 2023 Prepped Living Christmas Gift Guide

When creating this guide we looked for products based on usefulness, longevity, and durability. Items that are non-toxic and do not require electricity are especially valued.

Given the volatility in our world today, this year's focus is on the "getting started" basics.

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Essential Resources...

I found these books to be so incredibly helpful that I created an affiliate link for each of them. While some of these are available in digital format, we recommend having a hard copy on your shelf. Even if you are on grid and don’t live where the electricity goes out on occasion, you just never know…


The Self-Sufficient Backyard – There is a review of this book on our website (see here). I use this book as my main resource for all projects related to self-sufficiency, preparedness, and homesteading – both those I dream of accomplishing on our property as well as those we actually accomplish. Written by a couple who have lived the off-grid lifestyle in multiple areas, it is packed with great information and suggestions on everything from water, to gardening, to off-grid power, to raising chickens. Click here to see more details.


Foraging Journal – Get to know what you can forage in your area and use this journal to make notes on locations, uses, and recipes for what you find. Apothecary Mary has put together a useful place to keep all your foraging notes. (Note: this is not a foraging guide, but rather a journal where you can keep notes for your personal foraging journey.) Click here to view her journal.


The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies – This book came highly recommended to me by a number of friends and it has been worth every penny. This has become the book I pick up first whenever someone in the family has a health issue. I simply look up the issue in the front of the book, compare the list of plants that help with that particular condition to what we have on hand, and make a plan. In addition to listing plants that help with various health complaints, it has a write-up of each herb, a description of the plant, two pictures to help with identification, and ways in which each plant is used. It also includes instructions on making infused oils, teas, decoctions, and more. I cannot say enough about how useful this book has been for us. Click here to see more details.

A good survival medicine reference book - While The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is my first go-to for most health issues, there are medical issues that require care beyond herbal medicine. Dealing with wounds, broken bones, broken teeth, etc. initially require more than herbal medicine. I highly recommend having one (or both) of the following on your shelf for those rare emergencies when it may be a long time before you are able to reach a doctor:



Must Have Items...


Gloves, Hats, Scarves – While we tend to think of these as good gifts for women, we sometimes forget that they are a great option for men, too! These are an essential addition to an emergency bag for the car, a bug-out bag, or simply to use while shoveling snow from the driveway. You should have at least one set in each location.

Women's wool beret


Hand Pump Vacuum Sealer – We do not have one of these, but it is on my wish list. This is a great idea for storing items that do not have to be refrigerated as well as those that can be frozen. I always thought this would be helpful to seal oatmeal, nuts, and such in canning jars as well as keeping our meat from getting freezer burnt in vaccum seal bags. Since I have not tried any of these, I don’t have a specific recommendation for a brand. However, I am sure you can find some on Amazon or other such places.


Dehydrator – Hanging your herbs to dry is a cost-effective way to preserve them. When it comes to more moist items, it is nice to have a dehydrator. We have an electric dehydrator my mom gave us years ago and it works well. I always prefer to have non-electric options, though. You can find a couple of non-electric dehydrators at Lehman’s. I have no affiliate link, but you can find their website here: https://www.lehmans.com/


Wind-up Watch – This is a great idea for both men and women. If you cannot find or do not want individual wristwatches, you can always look for a wind-up clock for the home. These will keep the time faithfully whether you have electricity or not.


Vesta Stove - People can die of exposure, even in areas where we may least expect it as this article from My Patriot Supply reminds us. Making sure your loved ones have a heat backup is always a good idea. Click here for the link to purchase.


Hand Tools – hammers, hand saws, carpenter’s brace, tape measure, etc.

Home repair needs won’t stop when the electricity does. Having hand tools will make the job easier. Most people have some of these on hand already, but if you don’t, now is the time to stock your toolbox.


Address Book – Do you have important phone numbers and addresses memorized in case of phone loss (or in case your phone loses its data)? Keeping a paper copy of important addresses and phone numbers is a good idea. Here are two nice, affordable options for wire-o bound address books (this binding is nice because it will lay flat)

Especially For Her

Lilla Rose Hair Clips – Forget plastic cIaws and rubber bands that break. Give her something that is both beautiful and durable. Short hair, long hair, thin hair, thick hair – it doesn’t matter - Lilla Rose has a hair accessory that will work for her and will stay put! These make wonderful stocking stuffers, Christmas gifts, and birthday gifts. They have prices to meet every budget. For best longevity, I recommend purchasing the metal accessories. Follow my affiliate link here to shop their site. 


Especially For Him

Shaving Kit – Our men use the Gentleman Jon Shaving Kit. The razor blades last a long time and are replaceable. The kit comes with a brush and soap holder – no shaving foam needed. You can buy razors in packs of 50, which should last quite a long time. I have read that there are ways to sharpen razor blades, which would give these even more longevity.

For Babies & Children

Books that Last a LifetimeBooks are a gift that can last a lifetime if they are well cared for. I loved reading as a child. As a home school parent and former school teacher I know the value of reading to your children. Books can provide a great source of entertainment and education no matter what is going on in the world. Print copies are good to have on hand because they are available whether the electricity goes out or not. They also provide children with a different tactile experience than digital copies. With two grandchildren on the way, I thought this was an opportune time to add gift suggestions for babies and children. I highly recommend buying hardcover editions whenever you can. They tend to last much longer than paperbacks.

Here are a few recommendations to start a young child's library:

Animal Babies Lift a Flap Board Book Gift Box Set is a cute set of board books for baby.

Goodnight Moon is another board book favorite.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is another children's favorite that is available as a sturdy board book.

The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit is a hardcover edition that includes the original illustrations.

The Little Engine that Could is an affordable hardback edition of the original classic.

The Wind in the Willows is a beautifully illustrated hardback of Kenneth Grahame's classic.