DIY Mouthwash

Save money and improve your health by making your own healthy mouthwash.

There are many reasons to make your own mouthwash. First, it can save you money. The ingredients are simple and will last a long time. Second, it is better for your health. By making your own, you avoid the potentially harmful effects of the artificial colors, artificial flavors, and controversial alcohol (ethanol) contained in most commercial brands of mouthwash. Third, you can personalize it to your tastes and needs. You can substitute other safe essential oils according to your taste.

Making your own mouthwash is easy. It only requires a few essential oils, filtered water, and salt (optional). Below you will find the recipe we use most often (Recipe 1), as well as an alternative recipes we have used in the past. Be sure to get quality oils that have been tested for quality and determined to be safe for use on humans (many essential oils on the market are only intended for aromatherapy purposes and should not be used in products that will touch the skin or be consumed).

Mouthwash Recipe 1

16 oz. distilled or filtered water

1 t. mineral sea salt (we use black lava sea salt to get the added detox benefits of charcoal)

8 drops peppermint essential oil (the original recipe calls for 10 drops)

4 drops tea tree essential oil (the original recipe calls for 6 drops)

3 drops clove bud essential oil

Mouthwash Recipe 2

6 oz. distilled or filtered water

1 drop lemon essential oil

1 drop peppermint essential oil

Mouthwash Recipe 3

16 oz. distilled or filtered water

2 drops of lavender essential oil

4 drops of tea tree essential oil


Be sure to only use essential oils from reputable companies that ensure their products are quality tested and determined safe for use. 

Do not swallow the mouthwash. 

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